Specialties 特色菜肴

Wok Master’s Premium Claypot


Superior claypot filled with fresh prawns, scallops, pacific clams, sea cucumber, fish slices, fish maw and broccoli. Braised in our special stock to perfection.

Braised Superior Chicken

Farm fresh chicken braised in a herbal superior stock with fish maw, black fungus and shiitake mushrooms, tofu.

Crisped-skin Duck

Wok Master’s version of Peking Duck. A half duck cooked crispy and served with crepes, cucumbers, carrots and spring onions with or dipping sauce.

Crispy Passion Fruit Prawn

Deep-fried prawns in a light and crispy batter and coated in a refreshing fruit mayonnaise.

Egg White with Crab Meat and Broccoli

Egg white, broccoli, milk, fresh crab meat and fish roe.

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