Seafood 海鲜类

Seafood Platter

With baby lobsters, green mussels, scallops, lala, quail egg, crab, black fungus, lettuce, noodles, tang hoon, corn, prawns, cray fish, accompanied with special mala or chicken soup base.

Wok Master’s Lobster Crispy Rice

Lobster in special broth, mushroom, ginger, angelica powder, celery accompanied with crispy rice to provide a crunchy aftertaste.

Golden Salted Egg Prawns

Fried shelled whole prawns coated with a salted egg yolk sauce with curry leaves and red chilli.

Special Chilli Fried LaLa

Hotplate lala fried with special chili sauce and ketchup, spring onions, egg, onions.

Crispy Cereal Prawn

Whole prawns deep fried in a crispy cereal batter.

Golden Salted Egg Sotong

Deep-fried squid rings coated in a salted egg yolk sauce with curry leaves and red chilli.

Sizzling Sambal Sotong

Hotplate squid rings in a spicy sambal sauce.

Sizzling Chilli Crayfish

Whole crayfish fried and simmered with a sweet and spicy sauce, served in a sizzling hotplate.

Dual Style Prawns

Crispy fried prawns evenly coated with salted egg sauce and wasabi sauce.

Homemade Yam Ring

Handmade Yam Ring deep fried and filled with cashew nuts, prawns, green, red peppers, mushrooms and carrots.